Yoko Yoko – Mike Bass

Emeka mikebass Odo, who is a singer/songwriter and performing art .with ability to hop from genre to genre .mikebass glide from afrobeat and afro hip-hop to dancehall and ethnic music. Mikebass effectively keep moving up the ladder of Nigerian music scene after keeping months of low profile Mike emerged with a fine afrobeat but embraced the multiculturalism of Nigerian community not leaving behind his Afropop beat that gets you dancing even if you are not in a club. Mikebass is feeling his way around Nigeria after haven enjoyed airplay and recognition with his last single Egwu ragga featuring blackface Naija. Yoko Yoko is a new studio recording set to rock the nation. …while we await the release of mikebass full album later in the year.Enjoy and show some love. Thanks

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